Babette Rothschild will teach another workshop entitled ‘Making Trauma Therapy Safer’ on the weekend of October 22-23-24 2021 in London. This will be a live online event, taking place from 4.00 pm to 8.30 pm on the three afternoons.

For a ‘taster’ of this workshop, you can buy or rent footage from Babette’s October 2015 workshop from the Shop on this Website. Please be aware that Babette updates her workshops all the time so the content will differ and be more contemporary.

PTSD is an indicator that body and mind have not, yet, recognised that the traumatic event is over and in the past, and that the person is now safe. This can be thought of as a failure in mindful dual awareness, which leads to an inability to distinguish the present from the traumatic past. This professional training will equip participants with neurophysiological and psychophysiological theory, principles and tools for updating the nervous system to recognise when trauma is over, through understanding, containing, reducing, and halting traumatic hyperarousal (including flashbacks) and body-oriented interventions for increasing stability, improving quality of life, and integrating traumatic memories.

In addition, participants will learn to:

  • Predict and distinguish those clients who will benefit from processing trauma memories from those who will not, and gain specific skills for helping both groups;
  • Develop their ability to interpret and modulate the body’s sensory and autonomic nervous system to better regulate arousal levels in clients and also in themselves;
  • Adapt yoga, mindfulness, and physical exercise for greater accessibility for individuals with PTSD;
  • Gain tools for protecting themselves from vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.

All details of the workshop are in the pdf you get by clicking the link below.

2-D-STT Online 2021

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